Now Granted...

the good ol' virus days... ūüíĺ 

At the Reed house, like many, we've had our ups and downs in adjusting to the virus quarantine. 

My wife puts a butterfly sticker on the calendar. "We're at day 74," she says with a smile. The smile seems to confirm to me what she is thinking with her raised eyebrows, "We haven't killed anyone yet, so I think we can make it through just about anything."

The house is definitely more noisy with the kids running around, but I'd have to say - all in all - I like our family's lifestyle better than what it was before.

Rushed. Over-committed. Disjointed.

We've created some powerful memories during the pandemic. Our kids are old enough (5 & 6) that they will remember, "the good ol' virus days," when we spent time together being really close.

Something about what's coming next scares me. 

There are parts of going back to the way life was before that I don't want again. There are parts of life that I really miss (like going to a movie theatre or concert). Can you relate?

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on what you'll miss and what you're excited to have back in your life. Please share your thoughts on this blog.

What will you someday say about "the good ol' virus days?"

With love,


Veteran's Day... 

We live in a beautiful country. I love the United States, our many freedoms, and our protected rights.

I thank God for the service men and women and first-responders who make this country a safe place that my children will be able to enjoy.

I'm a US Veteran myself. I served for one term in the U.S. Air Force before going on to full-time college.


Yesterday, I was in Texas Roadhouse enjoying a steak. It was lunch time and loud. ...You know if you've ever been there.

Someone started making an announcement. "Maybe it's another person's birthday," we thought. 

Conversations continued and the noise rumbled on.

Someone started singing.

"Oh say can you see..."

Chairs started moving as people stood with full attention.

Voices of over 200 people hushed completely - silent across the restaurant. 

Music turned off. Even the people in the kitchen stopped working.

I stood with my hand over my heart.

Chills came over me as I saw the flag raised in the middle of the room.

Solemn respect and honor.

Reminded me of the changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery. ...right there in a steakhouse in Colorado.

If you're a service person or vet, thank you. If you know someone who is, please thank them.

I've been thanked hundreds of times now. Makes me want to re-enlist. ...or at the very least, make a song to honor them all.

Happy Veteran's Day.



Grant Daniel Reed


What They're Saying About the first songs (new album)... 

the first songs 

Album Reviews

What are people saying about GDR's new album? 

"The acoustic guitar immediately creates an emotional feel..." 

"Once the vocals started, I was lost in them." 

"Almost an alternative rock yet country sound. Really a sound all of it's own." 

"Makes me feel like i am outside and i am traveling around the world." 

"The production and arrangement on the song is clean and professional." 

"I love music like this." 

"Very catchy." 

"A great voice that sounds unique." 

"Should be approved by almost anybody." 

"I think overall this was a cool listening experience." 

"Loved the instrumentals and the guitar." 


"Inviting voice and singing style." 

"It feels like spring love and fresh air through the windows." 

"A lot of energy and enthusiasm." 

"This had a nice folk alternative sound to it. Hopefully this does very well on the charts." 

"I really want to hear more from this artist I really think this should be a hit." 

"I like the way it makes me wanna swing, hoot & hollar, and most of all: Dance." 

"I love his voice and how you can just groove to this song. It just puts me in such a good mood." 

 "I love the soothing tone to his voice." 

"You can feel the emotion in his voice." 

"It's very sweet-sounding and singer actually has a very nice voice.. A rarity." 

"A really amazing singing voice. The instruments are also played in crystal clear quality. You have a lot of passion for your music. Keep the great music coming!" 

"What a great voice. Hopefully it gets in the right hands and I will hear it on the radio or be able to download. Again, really enjoyed listening to it."


Pick it up for yourself on CD, digital or both today.

Our Favorite Pumpkin Patch... 

Now granted...when you go to a pumpkin patch you probably don't think "music."

We have the most amazing pumpkin patch which our family goes to every year. We travel for hours to see family in Omaha, Nebraska.

While there, we go to Vala's Pumpkin Patch! ...the most amazing pumpkin patch in the world! Breakdown: if Disney were to start a pumpkin patch, it would probably look like Vala's...

...kid's rides, dog shows, pig races, giant slides, campfires, automated characters, and an amazing pie barn. Yes. PIE!

When Mr. Vala got started 35 years ago, he didn't really know anything about making a pumpkin patch, BUT he had vision and a desire to take people on a journey. 

The reason why I love going to Vala's is for the experience I share with my family. The journey.

The reasons Mr. Vala started Vala's Pumpkin Patch are very similar to the reasons that I started making music...

...I want to take people on a journey when they listen to my music. Why? Because every song is a journey for me. People who listen to my songs take their own authentic journey.

I get to write my own songs! I'm lucky. No big industry tells me how to write a lyric, a melody, etc. The result? ...It's extremely authentic for me. 

If I can't connect with my song, why would I want to sing it? No one is going to hear me sing emotionless song. No way! I want to connect with that song again and again - otherwise, it's not worth singing. That's powerful ...and extremely fulfilling. 

No corporate filter. Just authentic music that takes people on a journey. That's winning.

That's why we love going to Vala's. It takes people on a journey they want to go on again and again.

Now granted,