the good ol' virus days... 💾

At the Reed house, like many, we've had our ups and downs in adjusting to the virus quarantine. 

My wife puts a butterfly sticker on the calendar. "We're at day 74," she says with a smile. The smile seems to confirm to me what she is thinking with her raised eyebrows, "We haven't killed anyone yet, so I think we can make it through just about anything."

The house is definitely more noisy with the kids running around, but I'd have to say - all in all - I like our family's lifestyle better than what it was before.

Rushed. Over-committed. Disjointed.

We've created some powerful memories during the pandemic. Our kids are old enough (5 & 6) that they will remember, "the good ol' virus days," when we spent time together being really close.

Something about what's coming next scares me. 

There are parts of going back to the way life was before that I don't want again. There are parts of life that I really miss (like going to a movie theatre or concert). Can you relate?

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on what you'll miss and what you're excited to have back in your life. Please share your thoughts on this blog.

What will you someday say about "the good ol' virus days?"

With love,


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