Grant Daniel Reed - versatile full band performer or solo artist

Rugged Indie Songster, Grant Daniel Reed is by far the most popular, crowd, and vendor requested musician I have had the pleasure of booking.”

Judy Burke - Colorado Fresh Markets

Short Bio

Grant Daniel Reed is the kind of guy every person needs to have one of as a friend – passionate, sincere, and inspiring. It’s all there in his ruggedly sweet voice and poetic guitar sounds.
-Susan McCabe, Voice of Vashon Radio, Seattle, WA

Crowd Review - Dancin'

"The song just works, I loved it in every aspect. A great voice that sounds unique, with a great riff and a catchy beat. The lyrics are something you can find cute, and it makes you wanna bob your head and move your hips. Just a great hit that makes you feel good."
-reviewer, Male, 26

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GDR with acoustic

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