Stories Behind the Songs

The Story Behind the Song Light Em Up 

Most of my life, I've been on the stage or a spotlight. I've done acting and musicals and theatre as well as a movie (Rudy). And I know the sort of feeling to have the hot lights from the stage shining down on you. It's a total experience and a rush - especially when things are clicking. 

I was in the process of finishing my music studio in my basement. The amount of work up to that point - about 300 hours total - was incredible. I was starving to write some music since my creative brain had to be put on…

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The Story Behind the Song The Summer that Never Ends 

I've always been more of a tenderhearted romantic type in spite of how I sometimes appear to others. And yes, I've cried at a couple movies - okay maybe more than a couple - but isn't it sad when Dorothy has to leave Oz? ; )

I was down in my studio playing a progression of chords on my acoustic over a drum looper. I was just messing around, but I started to feel the birth of a new song coming. I stayed with it. The groove felt right. There was tension and movement in the progression.

I took my new found…

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The Story Behind the Song To Be Loved 

I was in my studio noodling on my electric guitar. The amp was rich with texture and harmonic overtones as I laid out an arpeggio (single notes in sequence) from string to string. The walkdown was impressive in my mind and filled the room and my soul with emotion. Something was growing as the beauty of the notes unfolded. I could feel the start of a song coming to me once again. 

The placement of an emotionally packed melody and sincere lyrics soon took shape as I felt more and more passionately that this…

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The Story Behind the Song I'll Be Here For You 

Our daughter was only about 10 months old. I was already in a regular routine of putting her to bed at night. I would read to her, sing to her, and pray over her. It was a tender time that we continue to share to this day.

As her first birthday was fast approaching and I thought back on all the incredible life-changes that had come from her arrival to this world and to our home. I began to realize how quickly our time together was passing by. Part of me actually thought her first birthday was coming too…

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The Story Behind the Song BELIEVE 

"I started writing a new song yesterday and I'd like to play it for you," said my buddy Adam. When he started playing the song for me, I realized he had something special. 

He had been going through a painful breakup and a hard night of wrestling with the emotions, thoughts, and echoes of all he had been blamed for. To him, this was not an opportunity to write a song. It was the raw emotion of working through a pretty dark moment in his life through music.

I admire the sort of courage and raw-ness that…

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The Story Behind the Song Dancin’  

I was in my music studio downstairs where I like to get away, think, dream, and practice.

I had a show coming up at The Merc in Jamestown. I’d been recently to watch another artist perform there from out of Virginia and he had the place moving. It was a fun night and I started to feel the inspiration come on there in my studio. Maybe you know an in-the-zone sort of feeling. I started recording my thoughts and messing around on the guitar. I caught a rhythm and feel I’d never used before on my guitar…

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