The Story Behind the Song, "Be Gone"

It's been nearly 5 years since the inception of Be Gone. I share that time line with some reluctance because often people think that if something isn't totally new, it can't still express the heart after so many years. But for me it still does. I would give the doubters another perspective. I think it shows the enduring power of a song's message. I've sang Be Gone in solo and full band settings now for years. I've been surprised by how people have resonated deeply to the message. I sometimes share with an audience before singing that, "Some relationships are best left in the past." Fortunately, I haven't had any requests for this song at weddings. ;)

While I'm not going to get too personal on this song out of respect for any particular person this was written for, I will say that there has been a catharsis in my writing and playing this song - a soul soaking - and then a great comfort in knowing off the reservation for writing this song. It has offered a cleansing for others as well. Many have shared with me the experience of freedom in letting a relationship have a proper burial. Be Gone is a way of saying that I don't really want or need to be treated the way I was and it's better that I never hear from you again.

As you listen to the song and as it unfolded for me many years ago, you might want to notice that when the words, "be gone," are said for the first time, it is almost as if I can't believe I'm hearing those words come out of my mouth. How painful...especially to someone you love and have loved.

As the song progresses, the words "be gone" come with greater confidence, and then ultimately, freedom...something I want for everyone.

Hopefully, somewhere in the midst of the song, you will be reminded that if you have or have had a, "Be Gone" type of relationship, you will know you are not alone in this experience. Further, it can be so healthy to break free from the relationship if the other person is unwilling to get help, admit fault or grow from their mistakes.

Peace & love to all my fellow, "Be Goners" out there,



Written by: Grant Daniel Reed 

Drums: Ryan Elwood 

Bass: Dennis Wells 

Electric guitar: Connor Pickner 

Produced at The Spot Studios, Lakewood and Grant Daniel Reed Music Studio

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