The Story Behind the Song BELIEVE

"I started writing a new song yesterday and I'd like to play it for you," said my buddy Adam. When he started playing the song for me, I realized he had something special. 

He had been going through a painful breakup and a hard night of wrestling with the emotions, thoughts, and echoes of all he had been blamed for. To him, this was not an opportunity to write a song. It was the raw emotion of working through a pretty dark moment in his life through music.

I admire the sort of courage and raw-ness that Adam took to work through what he was feeling. I'm sure you'll be able to hear it in the tone - even from the opening words..."It's hard to know what's right. My heart burns through my soul tonight."

I asked him if I could help co-write the song. We worked through the details of that and were finally able to get that song out for the rest of the world - hopefully to find healing and hope...and to remember they are not alone in the way they may be feeling.

Adam's story isn't an isolated one. We all have doubts, dreams, desires, and the echoes of voices from our past that can haunt us or help us sort through the truth of a matter. The question that we all have to wrestle with - at its core - is if we will choose to make tomorrow a better day. The quest is, will we believe.

Never stop believing,



Artists involved in this project...

Written by Adam Goldberg and Grant Daniel Reed

Male vocals and harmonies by Grant Daniel Reed

Electric guitar by Connor Pickner

Drums by Ryan Elwood

Bass guitar by Dennis Wells

Harmonica by Grant Daniel Reed

Produced by Adam Goldberg and Grant Daniel Reed

Mixed and Mastered by The Spot Studios, Lakewood, CO

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