The Story Behind the Song Come On Get Higher...

I'm a big fan of Matt Nathanson. The dude has written some really great songs over the years and is still going. He's also a lot of fun to go watch live. Another thing I love about Matt is that, like me, he is also about helping people with his music. His partnership with a company called Starkey Hearing Foundation is helping to bring people's hearing back! Search: "Matt Nathanson Headphones" for more on this. 

I've been covering this song for a few years now in my solo shows. It's evolved into something that I've made my own. 

Over time, I've gotten some great responses from the song and I wanted to get it recorded. I'm grateful to Matt in laying the groundwork this tune. It's also cool that ReverbNation is going to be featuring me on their homepage because of the popularity of the work presented in this cover song.

I hope you enjoy it.



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