The Story Behind the Song Dancin’ 

I was in my music studio downstairs where I like to get away, think, dream, and practice.

I had a show coming up at The Merc in Jamestown. I’d been recently to watch another artist perform there from out of Virginia and he had the place moving. It was a fun night and I started to feel the inspiration come on there in my studio. Maybe you know an in-the-zone sort of feeling. I started recording my thoughts and messing around on the guitar. I caught a rhythm and feel I’d never used before on my guitar before. I liked it and started to get comfortable with the groove. 

I love writing songs that are stories, and Dancin ’ was no exception. I ’ m especially drawn to stories about lifelong love. It wasn’t long before I had the first verse, and chorus in place. My mother-in-law was also in town, and I started to realize the lifelong qualities of her parent’ s love who had been married at that time for over 63 years! I knew I wanted to include their st ory somehow in the song. Enter the Bridge: 

63 summers have come since that one 
Movin’ to a rhythm that has been our life song 
We’re still the last one standing– on that ol’ dance floor 
And I never, oh never, could’ ve ever asked for more! 

The reference to their lives and being, the last ones standing on that ol’ dance floor, goes back to the many weddings we’ve had over the last several years in the family. As the last-couple-standing song plays, those who have been married 10, 20, 30, 40, and even 55 years step off the floor, Gordon & Jackie are still holding on to each other. The best part is when Gordon is asked for the secret to their success, his answer is always the same. She’s always right. 

The song was completed in about 4 hours with a few small revisions thereafter. 

Since it’s inception, the song has been released on iTunes, played and promoted on radio, and has recently been accepted on Pandora, creating a gateway to my own Pandora station.

Special thanks to the following artists involved in this project...
-Alex Kurz, mandolin 
-Luka Keck, violin 
-Dave Brooks, electric guitar 
-Adam Goldberg, bass 
-Ryan Elwood, drums 
-Katie Reed, background vocals 
-Produced by Grant Daniel Reed
-Mixed and mastered by Pete DeBoer


If you’re interested in purchasing Dancin’ on iTunes and supporting clean water in African villages, please click here.

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