The Story Behind the Song Don't Miss the Beat...

I love to dance. No, really. I LOVE to dance. It's something that takes me to my happy place. 

I was listening to some sounds. One of them caught my attention. I could feel the groove and a melody growing out of the flow. In about 30 minutes I had assembled my melody and began working out the lyrics. I remember the first words, "M - m - my daddy said be careful what you wish for, When making records for people on the dance floor." Now to be honest, my dad never said that, but it felt like the kind of thing I would have wanted my dad to have said. :)

There seemed to be wisdom from a father-like figure in the words ...the encouragement from a more experienced song writer to one still learning the trade (like me). The essence of that advice: let people really feel it, if they're going to enjoy it.

I live by that. Mostly because I believe so deeply in the songs that I write. That's why I write them and that's why I keep singing them.

That's the beauty of NOT being under a label's authority. I get to be ME.

I've got to get back to writing, but if you'd like to help me push my music career to a new level, it's not too late. I'm on Patreon. www.patreon/GDR

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