The Story Behind the Song I'll Be Here For You

Our daughter was only about 10 months old. I was already in a regular routine of putting her to bed at night. I would read to her, sing to her, and pray over her. It was a tender time that we continue to share to this day.

As her first birthday was fast approaching and I thought back on all the incredible life-changes that had come from her arrival to this world and to our home. I began to realize how quickly our time together was passing by. Part of me actually thought her first birthday was coming too quickly! 

After laying her down, I would go into our bedroom and talk with my wife. Sometimes I couldn't find the words to express how strongly I felt or even why it was affecting me so intensely.

As I sorted through it all, I came to realize that I was experiencing a love and bond that I had never felt before. And it was still growing!

The song, I'll Be Here For You was born out of that powerful love that continues to grow stronger with the passing of time.

It was released with great love and care on iTunes for my daughter on her second birthday.


Artists involved in this project...

Written by Grant Daniel Reed

Male vocals by Grant Daniel Reed

Acoustic guitar by Grant Daniel Reed

Electric guitar by Scott Applegate

Bass by Adam Goldberg

Drums by Ryan Elwood

Produced by Grant Daniel Reed

Mixed and Mastered by Pete DeBoer


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