The Story Behind the Song Love Me...

I was in my partially-built music studio. You can imagine it, cement floors, poor lighting, and sort of a lonely, dank feel. 

Looking for some sonic therapy, I pulled out my guitar. The intro came right away complete with hammer-ons. It was from a seed I'd found a year earlier. Then the real inspiration - a gem of an idea. A love that was struggling a bit. The didn't really feel loved. 

It's the type of relationship many of us have experienced at some point in our lives if we've ever risked loving someone intimately. We don't always feel and do the things that keep that relationship strong. Then we wonder why we don't feel the same way about someone. "How I wish that we could find that place, again."

Been there? Taken for granted, unloved, maybe even unwanted? 

The song is there as a reminder that sometimes the spark can be found again. I've met so many who thought it was all over...

Listen to the words and hear the hope of what can be...maybe even better than what was there before and with that - clarity, courage, and understanding.

Sure, "It's hard to say out loud that I hope for something sweet." But, how will you know until you try?

I hope you enjoy! This one has been one of the most successful crowd reviewed songs to date - and it's a lot of fun to play! 

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Many thanks!

Grant Daniel Reed


Musical Credits

Drums: Ryan Elwood

Bass: Dennis Wells

Electric Guitar: Connor Pickner

Arrangement, Lyrics, Production, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar: Grant Daniel Reed


Video Credits

Video Production: Michael & Nancy Lindenberger (video link)

Cast: Dennis Wells, Baen Rice, Brennen Schedler, and Grant Daniel Reed



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