The Story Behind the Song The Summer that Never Ends

I've always been more of a tenderhearted romantic type in spite of how I sometimes appear to others. And yes, I've cried at a couple movies - okay maybe more than a couple - but isn't it sad when Dorothy has to leave Oz? ; )

I was down in my studio playing a progression of chords on my acoustic over a drum looper. I was just messing around, but I started to feel the birth of a new song coming. I stayed with it. The groove felt right. There was tension and movement in the progression.

I took my new found progression upstairs, shared it with my wife, and rushed back down. She liked it. A few minutes later I remember being asked to come up for dinner. The first words out of my of my mouth were almost a shout, "I figured the song out! It's about these two that meet in the summer. No one believes it will last - except for them! But they make it!" At that point I had only two to three lines of the song written, but I knew how the song was going to end.

Within about two weeks, I had finished writing The Summer that Never Ends. I wrestled most of all with the lyrics and melody until I came to a satisfactory resolution. I also have to give props to my wife who heard some great movement in the melody. It wasn't long before it became a favorite to people like Judy Burke from Colorado Fresh Markets who even put it as her morning alarm.

Here's to you,




Electric guitar by Connor Pickner

Bass guitar by Dennis Wells

Drums by Ryan Elwood

Acoustic guitar by Grant Daniel Reed

Written by Grant Daniel Reed

Sung by Grant Daniel Reed

Produced and Edited by Grant Daniel Reed

Mix & Mastered by The Spot Studios, Lakewood CO

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