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The Day We First Met

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The Day We First Met
Written by Grant Daniel Reed
on Friday January 11, 2013...the day before I proposed

Moving out to Colorado was a mighty big step
You packed your bags and left your world behind
In hopes you'd find
A reason to stay out here
Did you future become more clear
The day we first met

We walked the pines in the morning sky
And my knees felt so weak
From the top we could see a view
But compared to you
I had to steal a kiss from your cheek
Could you see what we would be
The day we first met

Now many days of come gone for us
How we've grown through them all
And all I've learned is what's worth fighting for
Is you

A new step along the path for us
I'm still weak in the knees
So hold my hand and I'll walk with you
Our whole life through
Will you marry me
I'll be the happiest I could be
Since the day we first met